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Decorrupt The Deforesters

Stop those evil tree killers with your fists of fury!


In the near future,Human must face the successive natural disasters and the exhausted of resources. Amont of people dead,which made the Zerg in atoms who relays on eat Human beings that have the capital of reproduction.The quantity of Zerg is continuely increasing,so as the last peoples gather their only military to defence them.


Your best friend, a cat, was stolen and your objective is to find him.

Slayer 1

You're part of an elite team of ancient warriors known as Slayers. Slayers protect the world from all forms of darkness. Unlock the history of a Slayer and destroy the evil entity to be re-deemed from unknown damnation. With 12 spells, custom stats, and custom masteries, do whatever it takes to defeat your sole enemy. The challenge is great, so be prepared.

Ninja Rinseout

Use stealth and other ninja skills to rescue the princess.


After being invaded, the world you have come to love is in your hands. Battle through hordes of possessed robots to make your way to the true core of the evil that has spread through the land. Fight various bosses and scroll through colorful backgrounds as you discover the root to the darkness where your enemy re-sides.

The Raptorian

Defeat the Warriors and the red Dragon of Raptorian. Find the hidden treasure. Free imprisoned taken heroes. To escape the horrors of the dungeon you have to find the exit.

Swords And Sandals 3

Swords & Sandals III hurls you into the greatest gladiator tournament on the planet. Forget all you knew about Swords & Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator?

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