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Maple Story Pianus Battle

Fight against the powerful fish with your magic spells. If you die, Pianus gets all his health back.

Modern Tactics

Tactical-RPG game with many features!

Kingdom Fire

Hack and slash your way through beasts and un-dead to end the power of a necromancer in the local crypts!

Modern Tactics 2

Your mission in this turn-based strategy shooter, is to customize your squad and then command them to victory using modern technology and tactics.

Mesiria Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the great magical adventure - Mesiria!

Sea Of Fire

Pick a side, build units, conquer land. Can you control all of the resources?


Fight enemies in turn-based battles as you explore the world and gather more power.

Story Of Arado

An awesome side-scrolling RPG with a Samurai Showdown feel to it.

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