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Hummer Rally Championship

Race against other Hummers in various tracks from across the world.

Car Can Racing

Control your car can racer and try to finish the race with a fast time.

Grand Prix

Race your Formula 1 car, to pole position in this cool new game

Run Run

Jump over all the obstacles in your way to escape from the warehouse.


A topdown snake game where you have to hunt little chicks to grow bigger while dodging the walls and the bushes in the park.

Pirate Race

Your objective in this game, is to race the other pirates to the island treasure and get there before they do.

Greyhound Race Rampage

Your goal in this greyhound racing online game is to buy a dog and train him to become Champion. You can train, race and look after your dog. Good luck!

Need For Waves

A cool boat racing game where you have to take control of a super high speed cutter and finish first!

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