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Evo Cannon

A retro arcade shooter with a modern twist.

Boss Bash

Take on 3 classic game bosses: Wart, Abobo and Thunderbird. Can you get 3 stars on all 3?

Eco Battler

This game is a simplified re-creation of one my favorite horizontal shooters, Ultimate Ecology, a Japanese arcade game for CPS-2.

Tanked Up

Guide your tank over the battlefield and provide your opponents with a few extra breathing holes along the way. An accurate aim and tight cornering are essential if you want to cross the finish line in pole position.


The Notebook City princess has been kidnapped by the evil Scribble King and it's up to, Androkid, to save her with the help of the magical fairy. Watch out for Scribble Kings guards because they will make you sad if they catch you. Use confetti bombs to help you on your adventure.

Balloon Duel

The NES classic Balloon Fight!

Paper Mario World

Here comes another Mario platform action game. Use your arrow keys to jump and run and press space to use your hammer to crunch the enemies.

Asteroids Revenge 2

Team up with the asteroids as they attempt to defend themselves against evil humans in fast spaceships.

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