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Monoliths Mario World

Super Mario World with a twist in flash!

Extreme Sketch-Pak

Originally released in 1980 by Japanese company Namco, Pac-Man went on to become the most famous video game character ever. Now armed with razor-sharp teeth, you get to collect the dots and chase the fleeing ghoulies all over again.

Megaman PX Time Trial

Play as Megaman, Zero or Bass and try to beat the highscore on 1 of 4 levels.

Zelda The Seed Of Darkness

The classic adventure game comes to life in this great flash version.


A novel twist on the classic Asteroids game with upgrades and bonuses.

Kung Fu

NES's Kung Fu!

Final Fantasy Sonic X 1

Play as Sonic and fight your way through the bad guys in a Final Fantasy style RPG!

Super Mario Strikers

Keep the ball bouncing on Mario's head!

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