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Super Mario Bounce

Mario is in a bouncy mood. Guide him towards the exit without getting him into too much trouble. There's a maximum number of bounces you can make, so bounce wisely!

Final Fight 2

Final Fight with Street Fighter characters. As in all other games of the kind, you need to beat all your enemies. You choose your character and a guard, another person that will fight your enemies with you. You don't control the guard.

Neo-Geo Bowling

Neo-Geo Bowling in flash!

Pac-Man Platform 2

Pac-Man broke free to take on the world of platform games!

Hot Air

Flying a hot air balloon is one of the most relaxing means of aerial transportation. All you have to do is let the wind carry you wherever it blows. Unfortunately, relaxation time is over when there are sharp objects around and the levels in this game contain plenty of sharp objects. Use a handheld fan to blow the balloon in the desired direction and keep away from imminent danger.


Love the classic Final Fantasy RPG's? If so, you will love Magus!

SOF Supernova DS

Streets Of Fire on the Nintendo DS!

Final Fantasy Sonic X 4

Play as Sonic and fight your way through the bad guys in a Final Fantasy style RPG!

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