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Spin Climb Green

Climb with rhythm!

BPO Disk

BPO Disk, is a rhythm game involving a disk and indicators coming from 4 directions. Unlike Guitar Hero, the indicators move towards the center, not towards you.

Rabbit Bells for new year 兔子跳铃铛贺岁版

nice flashgames in http://www.niceflashgame.com a nice game with perfect music and images . click the rabbit ,it will jump.use your mouse pull the rabbit ,let it stant on the bells. 又是一个画面和音乐完美结合的游戏,点击鼠标左键即可进入游戏,用鼠标点击可爱的小兔就会往上跳,每踩到一个铃铛,小兔就会继续往上跳一段距离,鼠标拉动小兔,让它踩到下一个铃铛,然后继续。

Freds X-Treme Foot Tapping

2 games and 10 songs. In one game, you must catch magical floating amplifiers and in the other game, you have to help Fred keep his job as a professional foot tapper.

SCGM Deluxe 2

Hit and hold the commands in time with the music. See the tutorial for more info.


Push the correct keys as the flaming balls pass over that letter on the screen. Guitar Hero clone!

SCGM Deluxe 3

SCGM returns with 14 new songs to master and 10 awesome guitars to choose from!

Music Match

Music Match takes the classic puzzle game of flipping tiles but adds a music twist to it.

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