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Alien Clones

Maneuver your alien clone to destroy the evil clones. Use the shells and lasers that you pick up to further your effectiveness. It's like a clone war.

Pearl Harbor

Blow up as many ships as you can. Its like you were really there!

Butle Pigeon

Kill all the pigeons before they reach the top, try not to hit the cats!

World Domination 2

Use your resources to battle the other World Leaders for World Domination!

3D Space Hawk

Set the skies on fire in real life 3D action! Play Now!


In this game you will control a ground cannon and your objective is to defend the fleet from being bombarded.

Monster Bash

You must fight off hordes of demons and save your hero. Think of it as a modern Ghosts and Goblins.

Office War

Watch out for your boss while you battle other employees in a paper fight war.

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