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Welcome to GamesRave.com - a games portal where you can play the best flash games ever created. At least those we've found :) The collection already contains scores of games, and this is only the beginning. So, take a look around, play the games you like and let us know about a game you'd like to see here. Have fun!

Most Recent Arcades

Gold Panic

Help this lucky miner to collect all the gold into his little car.

Jump Jump

A colorfull jungle game where you have to jump from tree to tree without falling down in the cold water.

Jungle Fruits

This is a cute and little arcade game where you have to click on groups of the same fruits to play them away from the screen.

Jungle Rumble

Try to bounce the sheep back with this crazy caveman.

Most Recent Puzzle

Electric Car

Nice Aptera Electric Car Luxury Car Puzzle. Solve Puzzle and look how looks like Car of future

Puzzle UEFA Champions League Eighth finals of 2010-11

UEFA Champions League Eighth finals of 2010-11 Puzzle page game

Puzzle Copa Libertadores 2011

Copa Libertadores 2011 Puzzle

Steam Cab

You are a simple driver of steam-air taxi. Live and work in the city with exorbitant fines, crime, corrupt police, and in addition you have wicked wife, whose appetites are growing. Practicing domestic violence, every day she throws you to work with the requirement without the money does not return.

Most Recent Sport

Bowling Mania

Strike! Can you knock down all of the pins?

Penguin Skate 2

Snowboard and fly through this penguin obstacle course as you try to collect the musical candy canes.

The Lord Of The Harpoon

Want to become lord of harpoons? Fish harder and don't forget to feed your wife since she may die of starvation. Not all fishes are good, so make sure you leave orange fish alone!

Stunt Pilot

Take to the skies and pilot your stunt plane through various acrobatic flight maneuvers.

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