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Welcome to GamesRave.com - a games portal where you can play the best flash games ever created. At least those we've found :) The collection already contains scores of games, and this is only the beginning. So, take a look around, play the games you like and let us know about a game you'd like to see here. Have fun!

Most Recent Arcades

Parrot and butterfly coloring

Parrot and butterfly coloring Game.

Pumpkin, mice and fly coloring

Pumpkin, mice and fly coloring Game.

Three hungry chicks coloring

Three hungry chicks coloring Game.


养鱼赚钱小游戏,疯狂又可爱的养鱼游戏,全新而华丽的关卡,新增的生存模式及boss战,新增的不明怪物,更增加了n多种可爱又有用的宠物供你选择,游戏更稳定,更流畅,20多个各不相同的关卡,让你捡钱捡到手酸而乐此不疲,赶快进入游戏吧~ 鼠标操作,点击新游戏将从第一关开始游戏,点击继续游戏将从上一次结束时的关卡开始玩。点击空白处给小鱼喂食,小鱼长大后会产生金币,点击金币获得金钱,点击上方菜单相应按钮购买小鱼、升级鱼食质量、升级一次投放的鱼食数量以及升级武器,购买其他种类的鱼等。当有海怪偷袭时,点击海怪身上可以向其射击,有些鱼比如鲨鱼等不以投放的食物为食,而以其他小鱼等为食。每过两关会有一个宠物小游戏,会奖励你一个有各种不同功能的宠物,右上方的进度条显示了过关进度,进度条满后自动过关,通关后解开生存模式。

Most Recent Puzzle

Nice verdant car puzzle

Nice verdant car puzzle Game.

Two tiger puzzle

Two tiger puzzle Game.

Two lovely friend puzzle

Two lovely friend puzzle Game.

Cube Buster

Free Online Flash Games

Most Recent Sport

Epic Beard Man Tennis

Now for the first time Epic Beard Man Tennis!

Kick Ball

Kick Ball game.

Goal Keeper

Addictive Football game

Fruit Crash

Musk the monkey has been given the task of gathering fruits for his family every day. But Musk is not allowed to pick fruits from the trees directly; he has to wait until the fruits drop from the tree. Musk needs to be careful from big fruits that fall down. Will you help Musk to gather fruits and be safe?

Most Recent Shoot'em Up

Space Bugs

This is a newer version of the classic vertical space shooters with an promising new look.

Aim n Fire

Watch your screen's top left corner carefully and see the requested target shown there. Once you see it appeared, shoot it.

Alien Attack

Shoot down the aliens that invade with your cannon blasters.

Alien Clones

Maneuver your alien clone to destroy the evil clones. Use the shells and lasers that you pick up to further your effectiveness. It's like a clone war.

Most Recent Defence

Canyon Defense

Build an ideal defense system and save the inhabitants from the waves of enemy attacks.

Flash Empires

Build towers, upgrades, and soldiers to stop the evil horde from destroying your castle.

Bowling Alley Defense

Use your bowling skills to protect the pins from getting stolen by an invasion of creeps and angry celebrities. With your earned points, you can buy upgrades and power-ups.

Bloons Tower Defense

A tower defense game involving many different types of balloons.

Most Recent Racing

Line Rider

Draw your own track then race on it!

Line Rider 2

Draw your own track then race on it!

Jeep Flyer

The new version of line flyer with a jeep, bigger air and crashes!


Umbross is the newest creature in the land of Oss. Take the night, dwelling past many hazards as fast as you can.

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